Shashilal Nair

Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.

It is difficult to talk about oneself.

There are so many thoughts that clash with each other to take the first space. I try to instill some discipline in them. But do they listen, not at all, they are all starting to trip on each other. So, here goes, a short capsule of my life.

I saw my first vision of life in the suburb of Chembur. This part of my life has grounded me into being a person who can watch the world from the ground level. Never one to appreciate the fine nuances of formal education, I spent most of the hours at school playing pranks or thinking of new ones. I was the bane of most teachers who wished the year would get over immediately when I entered their class.

Somewhere in those idyllic days I watched movies. In the conservative South Indian milieu I grew up in watching movies was absolutely banned. My brother and me worked around this, by buying one ticket for a movie. He would watch till the interval and me the second half. That way me parents never realized that their sons were getting a film education almost every other day.

When they heard I wanted to become a film director, as is wont they threw tantrums. And as most stories go I ran away from home to follow my dream.

The struggle that has been so often spoken about became a part of my existence too.

Till I met Mr. K. Vishwanath. This visionary film maker took me under his umbrella and taught me the entire craft of story telling on screen. I owe my entire film education to this one person who believed in me.

Then came my first film as director, 'Bahu Ki Awaaz'. This was the starting point of my journey as a film director.

With each movie that I directed, I learnt about the science of this craft.

Film making has been my only passion in life and will always remain so.